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We had offered Trupanion to our families for over a year before November of 2021 when we purchased a beautiful cavalier who became sick soon after coming home... Luckily for us his breeder also sent home Trupanion's 30 day free trial which we had activated upon getting him! He had Salmonella which soon turned to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis landing him in the emergency vet. As a result it then turned to pancreatitis and eventually septicemia! He was incredibly sick and in ICU for WEEKS! Many times we were told to prepare for the worst but we didn't give up on him and as long as he fought we fought for him as did our amazing vet and his dedicated staff. With everything stacked against him he beat the odds! But as you can imagine that kind of medical treatment, level of care, and duration of stay to get him healthy did not come cheap. It left us with thousands in unexpected vet bills!

That's where Trupanion rode in on their white horse and proved to us what an invaluable service they really are!! We submitted our claim for his care and they covered 90% of our total bill less a small $250 deductible! We cannot rave enough at how amazed and thankful we were/are to have them in our corner! We keep coverage on our own MKK Cavaliers living here and feel secure in the knowledge they are covered and so is our pocket book!

So now we shout it from the roof tops! Not only to be sure to activate the 30 days of insurance provided but also what a great investment it is to continue to keep monthly insurance on your pets!

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