The staff members at My Kids Kennel have a real passion for animals. We have many years of experience between us (in dog years it’s off the charts) and are highly trained to provide your pet the highest level of service.


Sadie is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She is AKC registered with Champion lines.


Nellie is awesome with her happy-go-lucky personality.  She has produced MKK's Lilah our stunning blenheim mama. 


Lilah, born here at MKK, is a heck of a girl!  She is a wonderful playmate and snuggle buddy!  Lilah is AKC registered with Grand-Champion lines and also has genetic and OFA testing.


Bambi is our baby faced blenheim.  She is sweet, mellow, and those doe eyes just melt our hearts!  She is ACA registered and has genetic and OFA testing.


Tanya is Bambi's big sister and boy does she know how to beg!  She is our couch potato.  She is ACA registered, OFA Certified and genetically tested.


Taffy is one of our Ruby gems, she is playful and sweet. ACA Registered, OFA Certified and genetically tested. 


Ella is our day dreamer. She is just as adorable as she looks, such a cuddle bug! She is OFA Certified and genetically tested. 


Hazel is one of our up-and-coming girls.  She has a mellow sweet personality and her favorite place is any lap that's available.


Pixie is one of our up-and-coming girls.  Cornish Pixie would have been a more suitable name for this mischievous miss!


Prairie is one of our up-and-coming girls.  Born here at MKK she is already shaping up to be a stunner!  Don't let that face fool you though, this girls a hellion!


Serena is our up and coming black beauty. She is as loving and goofy as can be. 


Cam was born here at MKK and is ACA registered her mom is beautiful Nellie! Cams favorite activity is eating followed in a close second by napping! She is genetically tested (due to COVID we are awaiting the ability to have her OFAs completed for 2020!)


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